Foundation Technology Systems, LLC. Introduction

FTS Uses the Finest Steel Systems…

Foundation Technology Systems (FTS) is a North Carolina based foundation systems Licensed General Contractor. At FTS we use only “Made in the USA” products provided by one of the nation’s oldest and most respected names in the Steel Piering Industry – Fasteel Systems. Known for their piering technology, Fasteel has been providing superior and patented products to the Foundation Repair Industry since 1989.

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FTS Makes A Difference…

In today’s Foundation Repair Business, it is common to receive a wide variety of proposals with very different repair plans and costs. This can leave the customer wondering, “How can all these proposals be so different and which one is correct?”

FTS addresses this confusion by writing a proposal that addresses the unique aspects of your particular situation and describes exactly how FTS intends to fix the problems.

FTS is made up of seasoned professionals who have spent their entire careers devoted to the many aspects of commercial and residential repair. When we assess a structure for deficiencies, we do so from a base of experience beginning in 1975.

We educate the customer and explain why their foundation looks the way it does and what it will take to repair it. This enables the homeowner to make an informed decision based on very specific, understandable engineering facts.

One of the company philosophies at FTS is to deliver an appropriate Plan Of Repair with no more piers or work than is absolutely necessary. And, we can defend each pier or repair by explaining the specific function and purpose for its exact location.